Faculty & Staff Directory

Geneva Day School Faculty & Staff 2017-2018

Suzanne Funk Director s.funk@genevadayschool.org
Amanda White Assistant Director a.white@genevadayschool.org
Melissa Cutler Business Manager business@genevadayschool.org
Amantha Linkie Administrative Assistant a.linkie@genevadayschool.org
Lynn Makris Marketing & Communications Manager l.makris@genevadayschool.org
2s and 3s:  All Day Class
Maria Franzetti Teacher m.franzetti@genevadayschool.org
Zohreh Memarzadeh Teaching Assistant z.memarzadeh@genevadayschool.org
Raju Murthy Teaching Assistant r.murthy@genevadayschool.org
2s and 3s:  Mrs. Landres' Class
Wendy Landres Teacher w.landres@genevadayschool.org
Eunji Choi Teaching Assistant e.choi@genevadayschool.org
Eileen Corrado Teaching Assistant e.corrado@genevadayschool.org
2s and 3s:  Ms. Lizama's Class
Daisy Lizama Teacher d.lizama@genevadayschool.org
Gina Michel Teaching Assistant g.michel@genevadayschool.org
Susan Oliverio Teaching Assistant s.oliverio@genevadayschool.org
2s and 3s:  Ms. Miller's Class
Lauren Miller Teacher l.miller@genevadayschool.org
Virginie de Velp Teaching Assistant v.develp@genevadayschool.org
Kristiana Kalset Teaching Assistant k.kalset@genevadayschool.org
3s and 4s:  Open Classroom
Theresa Cali Co-Teacher t.cali@genevadayschool.org
Tori O’Donnell Co-Teacher t.odonnell@genevadayschool.org
SueAnne Beaumont Teaching Assistant s.beaumont@genevadayschool.org
Marilu Graveran Teaching Assistant m.graveran@genevadayschool.org
Vilisani  Prayag  Teaching Assistant  v.prayag@genevadayschool.org
4s:  Pre-Kindergarten
Sherry Pyle Teacher s.pyle@genevadayschool.org
Maryam Arabian Teaching Assistant m.arabian@genevadayschool.org
Jake Mondonedo Teaching Assistant j.mondonedo2@genevadayschool.org
Ann Hepburn Teacher a.hepburn@genevadayschool.org
Debra Lieberman Teacher d.lieberman@genevadayschool.org
Jane Mondonedo Teaching Assistant j.mondonedo1@genevadayschool.org
Brenda Dobbins Music & Movement Teacher b.dobbins@genevadayschool.org
Barbara Korb Art Teacher b.korb@genevadayschool.org
Tessy Joseph Art Assistant t.joseph@genevadayschool.org
Extended Care
Heidi Gharib Extended Care Lead extendedcare@genevadayschool.org
Astrid Molder Extended Care Assistant extendedcare@genevadayschool.org
Jake Mondonedo Extended Care Assistant extendedcare@genevadayschool.org