Director’s Letter

Dear Friends,

October was Outstanding and now we move into Nifty November! Fall is officially here as changes in weather and nature indicate. Students are enjoying watching and collecting beautiful colored leaves. They are watching birds and chipmunks eating the spilt corn from the recent (and very successful!) Fall Festival as they prepare for winter as well.

Many classes have now concluded their annual visits to local farm pumpkin patches and apple orchards. They enjoyed comparing apple sizes, colors, and tastes; some even made apple sauce! They also enjoyed scooping out and roasting pumpkin seeds, voting on facial feature shapes for pumpkin faces, hypothesizing and testing whether pumpkins would sink or float, and measuring height, circumference and weight of various pumpkins.

With November here, class themes change to harvest, friends, family, giving thanks and Thanksgiving. Various classes will be preparing special snacks for class “feasts” as they also think about being thankful, especially for their parents, and sharing with others. At Geneva Day School, we are very thankful for the privilege of having your precious children in our school for fun play and learning together. The students always brighten our days and make us happy! Thank you for sharing them with us!

A very special friend of Geneva is Dr. Dan Shapiro, a well-known and outstanding developmental pediatrician who has helped so many youngsters, including many from our own school. Dr. Shapiro recently told the story of asking a young boy with some challenges to identify one wish. He thought and thought and did not name anything. He seemed to be thinking very hard, but could not name one.  Finally, the boy said that he wished “… to be happy.”  Dr. Dan responded, “What do you think it means to be happy?” This time there was no hesitation when he replied, “just being satisfied … never needing to make a wish.”  What a wonderful and mature response from a very young person!

We all hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and that you, too, can “be(ing) satisfied…never needing to make a wish.”  May good things and peace come to you, your beautiful children, your family and close friends! Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at Geneva Day School!

Warm regards,

Suzanne Funk