At Geneva Day School, life outside the classroom is enriched by School traditions and community events sponsored by both the Geneva Parent Association and the School. The Welcome Back Social kicks off the new school year, giving new and returning families a chance to meet and catch up with one another. From the morning coffees for parents the first week of school, to the End-of-Year Family Picnic, and all the community events in between, Geneva is a welcoming environment for all.

We value parents and invite them to visit the School and participate in all events. They have many opportunities to volunteer in classes, on fieldtrips and for special concerts or shows. Parents can become Room Parents and help organize class parties or become a Geneva Parent Association Representative and disseminate information about future activities to other Geneva families.

For all, the Geneva experience starts the day you send your child to preschool for the first time. Your child meets their first teacher and first school friends. As a parent, you too gain a whole new circle of relationships. But the Geneva experience goes beyond this. It develops as you extend a play date to another child from class or when you volunteer to carpool with another family. It grows as you attend Geneva events and when you support a fellow parent in need.

The Geneva experience, then, is not only the relationships developed in school, but also the friendships that continue outside and beyond the School.

PLEASE:  No cell phone use when carpool line is moving to ensure the safety of the children and staff.

Calendar Tips

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Parent Handbook

010213 Security Update Letter to GDS Families from Director

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