Families from Geneva Day School use a variety of wonderful professional resources in our community and online. If you are looking for evaluation or consultation by a specialist, you may want to consider one or more of the following resources. Others are also available from the Director.

Speech and Language Therapy:

  • Christine Kruszewski (“Mrs. K”):  301-977-2785 , works at GDS
  • Shannon Lindstrom:  301-469-0657, can work at GDS
  • Catherine Sharma:  301-980-9915, can work at GDS

Occupational Therapy:

  • Jackie Proto:  301-424-4831, works at GDS
  • Handwriting Specialist and OT, Todd Misura:  301-741-1325
  • Social Skills Groups, Social Skills with Jackie:  301-424-4831, focusing on motor, language and behavior in social settings

Family Social Worker:

  • Judy Frank:  301-762-0145, specializes in children & families


  • Dr. Cheryl Holland, Ph.D:  301-962-0800, therapy for preschoolers, elementary children and their families
  • Dr. David Eddie, Ph.D.:  301-881-5981, therapy for families and young children
  • Dr. Ruth Spodak, Ph.D:  301-770-7507, psycho-educational evaluation and placement counseling

Other Community Agencies:

  • Child Find, including for Infants & Toddlers:  301-929-2222, free county screenings and referrals
  • Community Outreach in Education (CORE):  301-469-0228, specialists in occupational, speech and behavior therapies; consults with and at GDS
  • Treatment and Learning Center (TLC):  301-424-5200, screening, evaluation, specialists and specialized school programs
  • Early Intervention Therapists:  301-468-9343, pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • National Speech/Language Therapy Center:  301-493-0023
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Geneva Presbyterian Church:  301-424-4346
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