Barbara Korb, Art SpecialistGeneva art specialist, Mrs. Barbara Korb, has designed art programs to provide an environment that fosters each child's creativity and enthusiasm for art. Children are given freedom to explore and enjoy the "art process," and uses imagination to experiment with and modify art materials provided at each lesson.

"Elements of Art"  is introduced to 3s and 4s and includes lines, shapes, colors, textures, and space. Through a variety of hands-on manipulatives, children learn to find art in the world around them.

The Pre-Kindergarten art program, “Works of Wonder,” continues to build on this knowledge and approach these concepts from the theme of nature and Native American Indians.

The Kindergarten art program explores Art History with an "Art through the Ages” theme. There is discussion and hands-on activities replicating styles of specific artists of time periods.

Geneva's art program culminates in May of each year with Geneva Day School's Annual Art Exhibition.  The entire school is magically transformed into an art gallery featuring the creative works of every student. Families, friends, and newspaper representatives come to admire and enjoy the many and varied talents of the artists.