All Day Class (mixed 3s & 4s)

5 full days per week

This class offers a unique opportunity for children who need a full-day program.  The All-Day Class provides a nurturing and warm environment where children grow and develop physically, socially, and intellectually.  The primary goal of the class is to develop each child’s emerging sense of independence and self-confidence.  The All-Day Class offers children the opportunity to experience cooperative group living and getting along with peers while developing their creativity and natural curiosity.

In addition, teachers provide learning programs designed to improve each child’s skills in the language arts (auditory perception, visual perception, oral expression and vocabulary), pre-math, pre-reading, social studies, science, as well as, motor development.  Children also experience Music & Movement and the Elements of Art program, in specialized classes.

These concepts are taught through a unit approach which last a week or two.  Learning activities are integrated throughout all areas of the curriculum to reinforce a theme.  For example, while studying how animals get ready for winter, stories are read about animals.  Children may also dictate their own stories. New vocabulary, habitats, and life cycles are studied.  Art activities, songs, and dramatic play are also based on the theme of animals.

Another integral part of the classroom is the small group activities.  Working with a small number of children gives the teacher an opportunity to spend individual time with each child.  Students rotate each day in small groups to each teacher’s table to accomplish a specific task.  The “process” of learning is extremely important for children, so we encourage a “hands-on” approach in their environment.  We want the children’s work to reflect the unique creativity and skill level of each.

The mix of threes and fours in the All-Day Class offers the opportunity for older children to develop leadership qualities and to continue the development of their own social and emotional growth.  For younger children, the class allows an opportunity to focus on age-appropriate skills plus learn new ideas and concepts from not only their teachers, but also their peers.

  • Age:     Must be age three by September 1
  • Ratio: 3:18
  • Days:   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 2:45 p.m.
  • Potty training is not required and we gladly help children learn this key self-help skill.