Full Day 4s Class

Full Day 4s Class

The Full Day 4s Class is a combination of either:  1) Open Classroom, Lunch and Pre-Kindergarten or 2) Open Classroom (AM), Lunch and Open Classroom/4s' Enrichment (PM).

With the first option, students will change classrooms at lunch time. Option two is held in the Open Classroom, which generally offers a smaller class size in the afternoon and is incorporates our 4s enrichment program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with a focus on expanding literacy, writing and math skills.

The Full Day 4s program provides opportunities for children to refine social, gross and fine motor skills with additional emphasis on handwriting, language and literacy, early math, science, and social studies skills. In the Open Classroom structure, children rotate through various centers. Teaching staff are available to work with individuals and small groups as they explore manipulatives and multi-sensory materials.  These are designed to allow each child to direct and personalize their own learning experiences. The Pre-Kindergarten class is structured like a traditional classroom, with teachers fostering independence and self-confidence while facilitating learning.

Both morning and afternoon segments of this program begin with a circle time. Circle activities may include a story, discussion, hands-on project, or movement activity that is relevant to the topic. Students use a variety of Handwriting Without Tears materials to enhance the curriculum. Problem solving skills are promoted as part of an integrated curriculum. Children also enjoy part of each day outside on our playgrounds.

Specialists in Music & Movement and Art are integrated into the Four Day 4s program weekly. And monthly visits from the Felt Board Lady other children’s entertainers, field trips and other special guests round out the child’s school experience. 

Ratio: 3:20

Days:  Monday through Friday (9:00 a.m.-2:45 p.m.)