Open Classroom (mixed 3s and 4s)

5 half days per week

The Open Classroom is a unique and wonderful experience for mixed ages of three- and four-year-olds!  Classes are held five half days per week and can be a one- or a two-year program.*  Each child is assigned to one of two "homerooms," with each "homeroom" class consisting of 18 students, a teacher and two teaching assistants.  It is within this group that children enjoy stories and circle activities, review the daily schedule, and perform their jobs.  Otherwise, the two classes are “open” for joint learning and activities.

After arrival and a brief welcoming circle, the Open Class enjoys the playground to “get wiggles out.”  They enjoy a healthy snack and are then ready and focused for Center Time, during which children are assigned (by means of a colored tag necklace) to one of eight learning centers (math, language arts/literacy/handwriting, science/social science, library, art, dramatic play, blocks and gross motor skills).  They quickly learn to associate the color of their tags with specific kinds of activities.  After an interval, the children are permitted to change centers and choose which they wish to visit next.

As children rotate to various centers, teaching staff are available to work with individuals and small groups as they explore manipulatives and multi-sensory materials.  These are designed to allow each child to direct and personalize their own learning experiences.  For example, one child may take a set of colored blocks and make a simple tower or configuration disregarding the colors.  Another child may take the same blocks and construct a pattern alternating the colors.  The tool is the same, but the outcome is one that is developmentally appropriate and unique for each child.  Field trips, special programs, art, music/movement also supplement learning.  At the end of the session, children gather for a final circle, story, and dismissal.

Through Center Time activities in all development growth areas, the Open Class builds a strong foundation for future learning in any school environment.  Social skills of problem-solving, decision making and developing responsibility are especially enhanced.

  • Age:     Must be age three by September 1
  • Ratio: 3:18
  • Days:   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday; mornings (9:00-11:30 a.m.) or afternoons (12:15-2:45 p.m.)
  • Potty training is not required and we gladly help children learn this key self-help skill.

*While these are standard days per week for this class, we are happy to customize a combination of programs that best suits the needs of your child and family.