Programs for Three-Year-Olds

All programs for three-year-olds offer a loving, nurturing, and secure learning environment.  Program goals are to promote appropriate social skills and independence, enrich language, promote thinking in early math and literacy areas, enhance fine and gross motor skills, and develop a thirst for discovery and a “lifelong love of learning.”  Programs for three-year-olds include Elements of Art and Movement & Movement, both taught by Geneva Day School specialists.  The Handwriting Without Tears program is an integreal part of our curriculum. We also invite outside specialists and incorporate field trips into the three-year-old programs as well.  We offer the following programs for three-year-olds:

Three-year-olds may also participate in the following programs:

* While these are standard days per week for this class, we are happy to customize a combination of programs that best suits the needs of your child and family.