Weekly Themes Summer 2018

Weekly Themes & Specials Summer Camp 2018

Weekly themes guide camp activities on an integrated basis. This means that the theme for a week is woven throughout all of the planned activities each day. Daily activities including story time, songs and poems, snack, arts and crafts projects, sports, dramatic play, science projects, the special program of the week, among others.

Summer Camp 2018 themes and specials include:

Session 1 (May 29-June 1):  Camping (Full)

What better way to kick off our summer camp season than with a camping theme?! Campers will learn about the outdoor activities associated with camping, the kinds of tools and equipment used, favorite camping foods and much more!

Special(s):  My Gym


Session 2 (June 4-8):  Transportation (Full)

Learning about different kinds of vehicles and transportation is highlighted by a special that allows campers to experience and explore various kinds of trucks such as a fire truck, ambulance, school bus, snow plow, mail truck, ice cream truck and more. For young children, this is a very exciting!

Special(s):  Touch Truck Day


Session 3 (June 11-15):  Weather (Full)

Campers will turn into budding meteorologists this week as we learn about the weather! What happens on days when we have sun, clouds, rain or thunder? How is weather important to our everyday lives? What do we need to do to protect us from weather in different seasons? How can we enjoy seasonal weather?

Special(s):  Weather assembly with Mr. Bond and the Science Guys; creek walk


Session 4 (June 18-22):  Zoo (Full)

Campers will learn about zoos, zoo animals, zoo keepers and more. And we will have a real zoo educators visit to teach our campers about their work and offer some extraordinary hands-on experiences!

Special(s):  Maryland Zoo; My Gym


Session 5 (June 25-29):  Pirates (Full)

Aye-aye, matey! Our playground ship will become a pirate ship providing the perfect place for young pirates to “sail the seas” looking for hidden treasures…after learning about simple maps, how to follow one and perhaps a sailing song to pass the time!

Special(s):  Captain Silly Bones of Pirate Magic


Session 6 (July 2-6):  4th of July

Learn about the United States’ Independence Day, July 4th, through patriotic stories, songs, and arts and crafts, and more. Campers and staff will decorate wagons and participate in our very own 4th of July parade on our grounds.

Special(s):  Wagon parade; Felt Board Lady


Session 7 (July 9-13):  Castles, Dragons, Kings & Queens

Everyone loves a good fairy tale, so this week will center around castles and dragons and kings and queens. Campers will have opportunities to play their favorite parts whether being a royal…or perhaps the dragon from which the castle needs protecting.

Special(s):  Felt Board Lady


Session 8 (July 16-20):  Bugs & Insects

We will delve into the world of bugs and insects, especially those we find around us. What makes these creatures different from us and from each other? How to do they help us or harm us? An entomologist (insect specialist) will come to teach and show campers more about these intriguing creatures.

Special(s):  Croydon Creek Nature Center; creek walk


Session 9 (July 23-27):  Farm

It’s all about farms, life on a farm and farm animals this week. What do farmers really do? What kinds of animals live on a farm and what do they do? Foods grown on farms and more!

Special(s):  Squeals on Wheels


Session 10 (July 30-Aug 3):  Summer

Summer is about enjoying the warmer weather, nature and the ocean! We will have fun learning about the sea and its creatures, doing lots of activities outdoors that we wouldn’t normally do inside and enjoy our vacation at camp!

Special(s):  Under the Sea; tie-dye t-shirt day


Session 11 (August 6-10):  Outer Space

This week of summer camp will be out of this world! Activities will orbit around our Earth, moon and stars. Where is outer space and what is there? How do the Earth and moon affect our daily lives?

Special(s):  Earth, Moon and Stars assembly with Mr. Bond and the Science Guys